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Senior Alliance Action Group




When:   Held on the 4th Tuesday of each Month as part of the NORCAN Meeting (1:00-3:00pm)

Location: (Virtual meetings until further notice) 

   Click here to sign up for these meetings.             



 The Senior Alliance is an action group under NORCAN. This group seeks to respond to the rapid growth of the senior population in San Diego and the high demand of reliable care and services. They work collaboratively to coordinate the support and services available to seniors throughout San Diego's North County region. 



  • Creation of a North County Senior Resource Directory and mapping guide with both non-profit and for-profit industries for use throughout the region.

  • We offer case conferencing at each meeting so our group can share resources and find the best solutions for clients.


  • To support the expansion of HomeShare in the North County region in an effort to prevent homelessness and provide alternative housing options for seniors and other adults.                                                    


Beth photo.jpg

Senior Alliance Action Committee Chair

Beth Brainerd Hallock

Senior Alliance Action Committee Chair

Carrie McClellan, Elder Help of San Diego

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