North County Works


  • When:   Held the 2nd Tuesday of every month

  • Time:   9:00am-10:30am 

  • Location:   Vista Community Clinic, 1000 Vale Terrace Drive, Vista, CA Women’s Center Classroom 2 & 3      




Create a movement to organize public, private and non-profit stakeholders collectively to advocate for resources, jobs, and support services to address employment needs in Northern San Diego County.      




The purpose of North County Works (NCW) is to assist agencies, who serve diverse populations of clients with various barriers to employment including low-income status, limited English proficiency, substance abuse, racial/ethnic discrimination, physical and mental health conditions, homelessness, criminal history and the disenfranchised workers.  By utilizing the collaborative approach, a client will enter the NCW through a “no-wrong door approach”.  Case managers can access shared resources throughout the collaborative by utilizing the NCW Job Developer to link their clients to the appropriate programs, thereby decreasing the number of participants that are turned away without resources.   


2018 Accomplishments:


  • Held 2 Clean Slate Clinic’s in North County where over 80 clients were provided some type of expungement assistance

  • Provided over $17,000.00 in Support Services, which included assistance with vocational based training, transportation to work, clothing for work and required work tools

  • Disseminated over 526 job leads a month to North County members

  • Engaged with over 177 employer contacts a month

  • Our members reported an average of 306 job placements a month

North County Works Committee Chair

Angel Flores

Dad's Club, Vista Community Center

North County Works Committee Chair

Alexis Villanueva

San Diego Workforce Partnership

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