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YOU Did It! Moving Forward with the 2021 Regional Plan

We are proud to announce that the SANDAG Board of Directors adopted the 2021 Regional Plan. This decision to invest in a modernized transportation system over the next 30 years will serve the entire San Diego region for generations to come.  

The vision for the 2021 Regional Plan was developed using a data-driven approach and incorporating public input from community members like you. Your participation in open houses, public comment periods, and community meetings led to this moment today – adopting a Plan that truly reflects the values of the San Diego region. Thank you for helping us create a Plan that will transform our transportation network to be faster, fairer, and cleaner than ever before.


“This is a monumental day for the San Diego region," said SANDAG CEO Hasan Ikrahta. “The 2021 Regional Plan creates real transportation options that address today's challenges and build a foundation for tomorrow, ensuring our region is ready for generations to come. We appreciate the community's support and look forward to partnering with you to bring this transformational plan to life." 

Final 2021 Regional Plan


Next steps
While the plan includes improvements 30 years into the future, SANDAG will immediately start working to advance projects, including but not limited to: 
•    Digital Equity Action Plan 
•    “Quick Start” Equity Pilot Initiative: Youth Opportunity Pass and focused route improvements
•    Opening the new Otay Mesa East Port of Entry and Smart Border Management System
•    Relocating the LOSSAN rail corridor off the bluffs
•    Advancing the Central Mobility Hub to provide direct transit connections to the San Diego International Airport
•    Blue Line Express
•    Purple Line
•    San Ysidro Mobility Hub
•    Regional Vision Zero action plan and policy

About the 2021 Regional Plan  

Through new technologies, data, and community input the 2021 Regional Plan creates a transportation system that focuses on connectivity, safety, convenience, and equity for everyone in our region. Whether you are connecting to your family, to education, to healthcare, or to employment, the 2021 Regional Plan will get you where you need to go.  


Check out the Instagram highlights to learn more about the 2021 Regional plan, or visit


Si desea obtener información en español, por favor comuníquese al (619) 699-1950 o
In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), this document is available in alternate formats by contacting the SANDAG ADA Coordinator, the Director of Diversity and Equity, at (619) 699-1900 or (619) 699-1904 (TTY).  



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The Alliance for Regional Solutions is one of the twelve CBOs (community based organizations) working with SANDAG on the 2021 Regional Plan. The CBO Working Group provides a collaborative open and public forum for the various CBO organizations in the county and SANDAG to provide ongoing public input from disadvantaged or underrepresented communities in the region into key activities associated with developing the Regional Plan and related planning activities with a focus on the social equity perspective.

The twelve CBO partners facilitate meaningful involvement with low-income, minority, disabled, and senior populations, those in limited English proficiency, and other traditionally underrepresented communities and provide education about why San Diego Forward is important to them, and collect feedback that will be used to inform the 2021 Regional Plan.

Click here to learn more about San Diego Forward.

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