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                                                                                   Cal Fresh Update

  1. Households already on CalFresh will be temporarily bumped up to the maximum benefit ($194/person each month) for March & April. No additional paperwork is required; this increase will occur automatically.

  2. Anyone currently on CalFresh with renewal/recertification due in March, April, or May, paperwork schedule will be shifted.  6 month renewal (SAR7) will be skipped during these 3 months. 12 month recertification (Recert) during these 3 months will be pushed back 6 months (i.e. Oct for those regularly due in April). This shift will allow County/State staff capacity to process an influx of new applications related to the pandemic. Only action needed, CalFresh households must notify the County at any time within 10 days if they have an income or household status change that potentially makes then ineligible.

  3. A new public benefit ‘Pandemic-EBT’ program will be released soon; no details available yet.

COVID-19 Fact Sheet

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