Mission and Vision

The Regional Winter Transitional Shelter system provides homeless individuals and families in North County with safe haven during the winter months as well as the tools and motivation necessary to move themselves towards self-sufficiency and an increased level of independent and responsible functioning.

The ARS Regional Winter Shelter System consists of six shelters that provide up to 244 shelter beds each night. These shelter facilities within the ARS system are open every evening seven (7) days a week. They are "dry" shelters, which means that no one who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs can remain in them.

Eligible shelter participants are not under the influence of alcohol or other drugs and are encouraged to remain free of alcohol and illicit drugs through their shelter period and beyond. Participants are required to demonstrate progress and personal accountability in their individual case plan. Those who are unable to remain free of alcohol or illicit drugs will be referred to "detox" for sobering and stabilization services.

Winter Shelter Services

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